New Bicycle Routes in Portland

The Town of Portland now offers the public some designated bike routes. A 16.3 mile bike route makes a counter-clockwise loop beginning at the post office, and passing the quarries and several scenic views of the Connecticut River, ponds, and streams.  The route (pictured here) is designed to maximize safety and avoid the steepest hills, while still covering a fair amount of distance.

Another map, the best in-town bicycling streets, guides residents to those routes that are relatively flat, have less traffic, and are suitable for cyclists of all ages and abilities. Cyclists are advised to check out the routes by car before cycling, in order to insure suitability for a given individual. Currently, the Complete Streets Group is developing a plan for bike route signage.

In the meantime, the Air Line Trail Steering Committee is working on its long-term goal of extending the Portland section of the Air Line Trail westward from its current, new terminus near the YMCA’s Camp Ingersoll and Job’s Pond. The plan aims at making it easy and safe to bicycle to the Air Line Trail from the town center.

These new routes were developed through the Jonah Center’s partnership with Portland’s Complete Streets Group (CSG), a citizen action committee. CSG is seeking new members from the Portland community. Meetings are generally held on the 2nd Thursday of each month in the Portland Library.