Middletown Complete Streets Initiative

The Jonah Center has played an integral role in advocating for and developing the Middletown Complete Streets Master Plan and is actively involved in the Complete Streets committee.

In 2012, the Jonah Center was asked by Middletown Mayor Dan Drew to lead the city’s development of a plan to make our community more bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly. The “Complete Streets Committee” is developing a plan to include bike lanes and add or improve sidewalks when roadways are being repaired. We identify particular areas that pose special danger to walkers and cyclists, visit known “bike-friendly” communities, and promote walking and cycling among the general public.


Click on the PDF file link below to view or download a copy of the Middletown Complete Streets Master Plan or view the Priorities Map. Middletown Complete Streets Plan

The Complete Streets Plan includes a map of Middletown showing priority areas around the City’s schools and the street routes that are most important in connecting parts of the city with each other and with the downtown area.  To view this priorities map, click the link here.  Complete Streets Priorities Map

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