2020 Middletown Earth Day March for Science Events Canceled

NOTE:  All funds collected to date or offered after this date will be directed toward JCEA sponsored activities dedicated to the continuing goals of Earth Day; including prioritized ecosystem and climate remediation, education and advocacy, and preparations for the 2021 Middletown Earth Day/Earth Festival.

2021 Middletown Earth Day March for Science             


It is with profound regret that we must inform you that the 50th Anniversary Earth Day March for Science and Rally (April 22nd), and Earth Festival (April 25th) events in Middletown will be canceled for this year.

This decision is made in consultation with the City of Middletown for limiting the potential spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) within our city and the surrounding communities.

Both events are certain to exceed the crowd size/density guidelines for public space events. The Team is in complete agreement with the City, that these guidelines are reasonable and sane measures that will slow the rate of infection early after the initial outbreak is detected.  Unfortunately, the implementation of the guidelines will cancel our Earth Week plans this year.

To our partners, vendors and volunteers: Our organizing team has been so incredibly encouraged and uplifted by the energy, the enthusiasm and support we have received from each and every one of you.  Please be assured that we have resolved to bring our Earth Day / Earth Week celebration, gatherings and Earth Festival back to Middletown in 2021.  We will keep you informed as these plans develop.  
Please be safe, and follow all guidelines that the CDC has released to minimize our exposure; to keep our hands clean and help keep our community healthy!!

Thank you all….

Middletown March For Science / JCEA 2020 Action Team
Mark Meyering, Team Chair and MFS coordinator             
Kathy Meyering, Organizing Director
Amanda Arce, Director of Community Engagement


Original Notice:

The Jonah Center for Earth and Art invites you to participate in the Middletown Earth Day March For Science and Week-of-Action. We are working in collaboration with March for Science, an organization at the forefront of climate science and science education advocacy, to mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Because April 22nd is the United Nations recognized anniversary of Earth Day as a worldwide event, Week-of-Action activities in Middletown will take place the week of April 20th. 

There will be two keystone events during the week of April 20th. A march and rally will be held on Earth Day, April 22nd, with the march beginning at 4:00 PM and the rally at Union Park (South Green) beginning at 5:00 PM. The Middletown Earth Festival will take place at Harbor Park on Saturday, April 25th to wrap up the Earth Week-of-Action. 

During the Week-of-Action many local organizations are sponsoring public events to mark our community’s commitment to environmental education and action. Details about the festival, march, rally, and community events can be found at the Middletown Earth Day website at https://middletownmfs.wixsite.com/website

The Jonah Center is currently seeking other sympathetic organizations or groups that would like to participate in one or both of these events.  Please contact one of the event coordinators if you would like to participate:

We are also looking to raise funds to support these events.  Please consider making a special donation to support our efforts.