Talking Trash with the City’s Recycling Coordinator

As most of you are aware, the state is bracing for a trash disposal crisis.  In CT we are losing the capacity to handle our waste in-state, which will increase the impact on the environment and increase costs for everyone.

It is Important we take action at all levels – government, businesses and individuals. Here are some updates.

  • The Middletown Common Council passed the Climate Emergency resolution, as well as resolutions in support of reducing plastic pollution and extended producer responsibility (EPR). As we all know, it is hard to change behavior. Municipal government moves slowly, but we are optimistic and hopeful, that we will see impactful changes within our city government in the near future.


  • On a state level, we are disappointed that the legislation for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Packaging was killed this year. This policy is critical to offering a fairer and more sustainable way of managing waste. DEEP has estimated EPR for Packaging would reduce waste by 190,000 tons per year and save municipalities over $40 million.


  • Locally, we continue to work with restaurants, residents, and schools on food waste diversion.   Food waste comprises over 20% of our trash.  Most recently, we are planning a home compost demonstration garden near Reboot Eco, and, on a larger scale, we have applied for a state grant to offer curbside co-collection of food waste in our Sanitation District.


  • We are excited to be the recipient of a Rockfall Foundation Grant to run an education program to encourage the use of reusable coffee cups. Watch for the Refill, Not Landfill Coffee Cup Passport Campaign. We are hoping this leads to more conversations and opportunities to introduce reusable take out containers.