Action Alert — Support Bike Infrastructure

Address the Missing Link in Gov. Lamont’s Transportation Plan

Governor Lamont’s CT2030 Transportation Plan
Does Not Mention Bicycles.

The Governor acknowledges that we need to increase the use of public transit and that public transit needs to work better. But how are people supposed to get to a train or bus station?  One way is by bicycle!

Bicycling infrastructure needs to be included in any smart transportation plan. To address climate change, air pollution, and highway congestion, we need to reduce the miles traveled by car, and to do that we need to improve access to public transit. Bicycles do that by providing a way for people to reach trains or buses (the “first mile”) and a way to reach their final destination (the “last mile”).

It is shocking that the Governor’s plan does not even mention bicycles. This is the time to speak up.  You can comment on the CT2030 plan by clicking here to reach the Governor’s email form. You may copy and paste the paragraph above, along with your personalized comments. Or you can call the Governor’s office at 860-566-4840.  Let us know that you took action by copying John Hall, or use the “Contact” button above. We want to know if our campaign is generating responses.

Contact your State Senator and Representative by email. They need to hear from us.

Sen. Matthew Lesser
Sen. Norm Needleman
Sen. Mary Abrams
Rep. Christie Carpino
Rep. Joseph Serra
Rep. Quentin Phipps
Rep. Christine Palm
Rep. Irene Haines

If you don’t know who your legislators are, go to and click on the “Representation” tab or see the “Find Your Legislator” tool at the bottom of the page.