Wildlife & Habitat Protection

Human beings are the most invasive species on planet Earth.  Our population has grown so high, and our impacts on the ecosystems we depend on are so powerful, that many other life forms are threatened. Indeed, certain forms of ecosystem collapse are already happening.  We value wildlife not only because we want to live in world with warblers, salmon, honeybees, turtles, and salamanders instead of a barren world, and not only because human life ultimately rests on the larger biological systems of the planet. We also value these creatures for their own sake — for their right to exist.

Below are some programs and local wildlife conservation efforts that the Jonah Center has promoted. More information about these appears via posts on this website under “Events” and “News.”

Removal of Invasive Water Chestnut Plants

Open Space Acquisition and Preservation

Providing Input to the State of Connecticut’s Wildlife Action Plan

Local Forest Management

Protecting Snapping Turtles

Making Space for Wildlife In Our Communities


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