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In recent years, the City of Middletown has removed dead and dying trees at a much faster rate than the city has planted new trees. Due to the Emerald Ash Borer, about 300 dead ash trees currently need to be removed, according to the Urban Forestry Commission. A line of dead ash trees along Church Street between Broad and High (shown here) is one striking and sad example.  Only 20-30 trees will likely be planted city-wide in the current year, given the available budget. Removing a large tree is far more expensive than planting a younger, smaller tree. For this reason, the urban forestry budget is being exhausted by the need for tree removals.

Climate change is playing a role in this process, just when trees are more urgently needed to mitigate climate change. Invasive plants, changing insect populations, and damage by vehicles are additional negative factors.

This is all alarming news, since trees provide many benefits to human society in general, such as overall health due to improved air quality and increased outdoor exercise, emotional well-being, beauty of the urban environment, and shade to provide cooling. Crime rates are lower in urban neighborhoods with trees. On the largest scale, trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere that leads to climate change while producing oxygen that animals like us need to breathe.

In response to Middletown’s multi-year tree loss, the Jonah Center has formed a partnership with the Urban Forestry Commission to address and reverse the decline of our urban tree canopy.  The Replace Our Trees Campaign has a two-part goal:

1.) educate the public in support of increased tree-planting and restoration of Middletown’s urban tree canopy, and

2) mobilize the public to attend budget hearings in the spring to increase the urban forestry budget line item by $50,000, so that the number of trees planted per year may increase from 25 to 100.

You can support the Replace Our Trees Campaign by attending a special program on Tuesday, October 15, 7-8:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers. This program will feature a panel of widely known and respected experts on urban forestry who will speak about the benefits of and threats to urban trees and offer encouraging examples of successful urban forestry programs.

For more information, read Middletown’s Trees Are In Danger by arborist Jane Harris, Chair of Middletown’s Urban Forestry Commission.

You can help by signing the on-line Petition To Replace Our Trees below:

Replace Our Trees

I support increasing Middletown's tree-planting budget by $50,000 so that trees that are dying from disease and storms can be replaced.

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Signers of the petition will be informed of budget hearings and asked to speak out by testifying or by submitting emails.
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