How to Think Like an Afrofuturist

Join the Wesleyan University College of the Environment in welcoming Ingrid LaFleur, Founder of The Afrofuture Strategies Institute. Sat. April 17, 10:00am – 11:30am. More details below:

The imagination is the starting point of all manifested reality, but what informs the imagining mind? What is the knowledge-base feeding this visioning practice, and is it the right one for a world experiencing new paradigm shifts that are disrupting oppressive systems? What type of thinking is required to bring those possibilities to life? In this lecture, Ingrid LaFleur, founder of The Afrofuture Strategies Institute, will introduce the methodologies of afrofuture thinking and its guiding principles. She will illustrate how these afrofuture methodologies can create new perspectives to reorient and reshape our futures and present reality.

Zoom link: Web ID: 925 5330 8108 Password: 577472