Traffic Cameras Survey

traffic camera

Please let us know your thoughts about the use of “automated traffic enforcement safety devices” (i.e. cameras) to reduce deaths and serious injuries of pedestrians and bicyclists. (Read the article “How To Reduce Speeding” posted earlier on our website.)  If you support such use, please add your name, street address, and town to a petition to the governing body of your town of residence (especially Middletown and Portland) requesting the adoption of a local ordinance that would permit the use of these devices in limited, prescribed locations.

Do you support the use of speed and red-light cameras in your town of residence?

Do you wish to add your name to a petition asking your municipality to pass an ordinance permitting the use of enforcement cameras at certain state-approved locations (e.g. high accident areas, school zones, pedestrian safety zones)?

If yes, the personal information below is required: