Environmental Scorecard for CT State Reps and Senators

Here are the summary  2014 scores for legislators in our area. (100% is the top score)

Sen. Dante Bartolomeo 100%  (Meriden and Middletown)

Sen. Paul Doyle 100%  (Middletown and Cromwell)

Rep. Matt Lesser 100%  (Middletown, Durham, Middlefield)

Rep. Phil Miller 94%  (Haddam, Essex)

Rep. Christie Carpino 80%  (Cromwell, Portland)

Rep. Joe Serra  78%  (Middletown)

Sen. Art Linares  73%  (East Hampton, Essex, Shoreline)

Rep. Melissa Ziobron 65%  (East Hampton, East Haddam)

The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters offers an informative record of how our legislators voted on a variety of environmental issues last year. For a complete picture, you need to know what the proposed legislation was and why they voted as they did.  CTLCV analysis is generally regarded by the environmental community to be thoughtful and sound.   For details on past voting and current proposed legislation, visit the CTLCV website.

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