Home Insulation Incentives Raised Dramatically

Due to the pandemic and related economic distress, the State of Connecticut’s Energy Efficiency Board has dramatically increased the financial incentives for home insulation projects when completed by Home Energy Solutions contractors. Even without any incentives, insulation offers the greatest return on investment of any energy conservation measure a homeowner can make.

The new insulation rebate of $2.20 per sq. ft. means that many insulation projects are now virtually free. This is an increase from the $1.00 per sq. ft. for attics and walls and $.50 per sq. ft. for basement ceilings. This incentive rate applies for an attic that has less than R19, as well as walls and basement ceilings with no insulation when those are considered part of the building envelope. John Greeno, President of New England Conservation Services (NECS), says, “In most cases the new rebate should cover all of an eligible insulation job, material and labor. Exceptions would be particularly difficult areas, very small jobs where the cost of the job would not cover the expenses of transportation and set up, spray foam, or areas that need additional preparation such as remedial carpentry or platforms.”

Any Home Energy Solutions (HES) past participant is eligible. In some case, the customer may need a new HES visit onsite or virtual (Zoom) visit to assess the current conditions but there is no HES co-pay for the rest of the year. The insulation rebate is also good for the rest of 2020. NECS will pay $75 per completed insulation job to the Jonah Center as an incentive to our subscribers and members of our extended network.

Interested customers can contact NECS directly at 203 389-3342. Tell them you were referred by the Jonah Center.