Middletown Budget Adds $50,000 For Trees

The Jonah Center’s campaign to add at least $50,000 to the City of Middletown’s tree planting budget has been successful.  The new budget amount for tree planting is $58,500.

We wish to thank Mayor Ben Florsheim, Majority Leader Gene Nocera, Minority Leader Phil Pessina, and all members of the Common Council who supported this increase. We are delighted that Middletown’s elected leaders recognize the importance of reversing the loss of approximately 100 trees each year.

This successful campaign is proof that citizens can make a difference if we are organized and act in unison. Many thanks and congratulations to all who wrote letters to the Mayor and Common Council.  “Replace Our Trees” was a joint effort by the Jonah Center and the Urban Forestry Commission of Middletown.