Traffic Calming in Portland

First Selectman Ryan Curley was the first to sign the Pace Car Pledge.

By Amanda Foley

Portland’s Complete Streets Group (CSG) invites Portland residents to participate in the Pace Car program by signing a pledge to drive safely, courteously, within the speed limit, and to share the road with pedestrians and cyclists. A Hartford Courant article published on 3-19-22 stated that the number of pedestrians struck and killed by cars on Connecticut roads has more than doubled in the past 10 years. Factors cited include speeding and distracted driving. Portland Complete Streets Group has introduced this Pace Car program as a traffic calming initiative to address these factors.

The Pace Car program is an educational and awareness campaign with a goal to encourage drivers to be more aware of their habits and set positive examples within their community. This pledge is only meant for each individual driver to be aware of and reflect on their own driving habits, not to evaluate other drivers or attempt to enforce laws. Pace Car participants will receive a free decal to put on their back windshield upon signing the pledge, representing your conscious effort as a motorist to make our streets safer by modeling responsible driving.

Pledge forms can be found at the Portland Police Department and will be available on the Portland Town website soon. Completed forms must be submitted to the Portland Police Department to receive the decal. For more information, visit our Complete Streets Portland Facebook page or call the Portland PD at (860) 342-6780. We hope you will consider taking the pledge!