Winter Snowshoe Expedition — February 17th

The Middletown Conservation Commission is sponsoring a snowshoeing expedition at the Guida Farm Conservation Area on Saturday, February 17th with an alternative date of Saturday, February 24th. If there is no snow, a conventional hike will go forward on the 17th. The hike will begin around 9:30 at the intersection of Coleman Road and Round Hill Road – at the parking lot across from the T-intersection with Coleman Road.

If the weather is truly inclement — bitterly cold, heavily raining or seriously snowing — the ramble will be postponed until the 24th. Call 860-301-1980 for an update on the hiking plans.The leaders will be Mike Thomas and Elisabeth Holder, members of the Middletown Commission on Conservation and Agriculture. This winter hike will highlight seasonal changes that can be seen along the new trail system, blazed and cleared last fall.

The mostly-flat white trail follows the route of the colonial road from New Haven to Middletown. The red trail crosses old fields, goes through a stand of cedars, and parallels a stream through a deciduous woodland. The blue trail climbs up along the ancient Jurassic fault that produced Connecticut’s central valley. It has the steepest grades and winds through upland deciduous woodlands before returning to the fields below.

Hikers may join us for only the easy white trail (1 mile), continue along the easy-to-moderate red trail (1.5 miles), or complete the figure-eight hike that will include all three trails. (3 miles)

The hike will be suitable for school-aged children on up – depending on the participants’ fitness and how many trails they want to attempt. Each participant must bring his or her own snow shoes, wear sturdy shoes and layers of warm winter clothing.

The Middletown Conservation Commission welcomes input from the public regarding its open space properties. We will use information about people’s experiences to continue our stewardship these properties.

At the beginning and the end of the walk, copies of the Middletown Trail Guide will be available for purchase at a cost of $10.