Eat Healthy, Support Local Farms

Despite the challenging times we are currently facing, our local farmers have either been growing food throughout the winter in greenhouses and high tunnels or are beginning to plant for the upcoming months. Healthy PlanEat is a new sustainable food startup that exists to connect organic farms to local customers. It’s founder, Rosemary Ostfeld, built a website where people can find farms near them and place an order to pick up at the farm.

Healthy PlanEat is currently accepting orders for pick up at Star Light Gardens located at 54 Fowler Avenue in Durham. Star Light Gardens is currently offering a variety of organic greens which can help supplement your trips to the grocery store. Orders can be placed on the Healthy PlanEat website Saturdays through Thursday by 9 pm for pick up on Fridays after 2 pm or Saturdays after 10 am at Star Light Gardens, 54 Fowler Avenue, Durham, CT, 06422.

Orders can be placed here: Healthy PlanEat is also crowdfunding to build a new website so more farms can be included. Donations to the crowdfunding campaign can be made here:


Fight Climate Change and Plant A Tree

In the course of our campaign to increase Middletown’s tree-planting budget, some people told us they would like to donate their own money to plant trees. That’s commitment!  Then we heard about Sustainable CT’s program to match dollar for dollar any community-generated funds raised for qualified projects through IOBY (In Our Back Yards) – a crowdfunding service.For example, your $20 gift will instantly become a $40 gift.

Sites for new trees in Middletown and Portland are being considered. In Middletown, priority will be given to the North End, where the tree canopy is even sparser than in other parts of the city, and to high-visibility commercial corridors. In Portland, priority will be given to areas in the town’s central residential and commercial area where trees were removed for sidewalk replacement or due to disease. Funds will be allocated between the towns based on the residence of donors. 

 Click here to read more or donate. (100% of all donations will be used for trees; not administration.)



It is with profound regret that we must inform you that the 50th Anniversary Earth Day March for Science and Rally (April 22nd), and Earth Festival (April 25th) events in Middletown will be canceled for this year.

This decision is made in consultation with the City of Middletown for limiting the potential spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) within our city and the surrounding communities.

Both events are certain to exceed the crowd size/density guidelines for public space events. The Team is in complete agreement with the City, that these guidelines are reasonable and sane measures that will slow the rate of infection early after the initial outbreak is detected.  Unfortunately, the implementation of the guidelines will cancel our Earth Week plans this year.

To our partners, vendors and volunteers: Our organizing team has been so incredibly encouraged and uplifted by the energy, the enthusiasm and support we have received from each and every one of you.  Please be assured that we have resolved to bring our Earth Day / Earth Week celebration, gatherings and Earth Festival back to Middletown in 2021.  We will keep you informed as these plans develop.

All funds collected to date or offered after this date will be directed toward JCEA sponsored activities dedicated to the continuing goals of Earth Day; including prioritized ecosystem and climate remediation, education and advocacy, and preparations for the 2021 Middletown Earth Day/Earth Festival. 

Please be safe, and follow all guidelines that the CDC has released to minimize our exposure; to keep our hands clean and help keep our community healthy!!

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